February 16, 2018

Xenon Headlamps

  • by Callum Ollie
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Xenon headlights are fundamentally different from regular headlamps, as they do not have a filament, which is subject to destruction due to natural wear, and because of shaking. Consequently, the life of xenon headlights is about five times higher than, for example, halogen ones. In order to equip a car with xenon headlights, you will need to buy not only new lamps, but also special optics, a control unit and a transformer that amplifies the voltage to create an electric arc in the bulb of the lamp.

Another option is to buy a vehicle, which is already equipped with this type of headlights. To do it you can visit kijiji.ca to buy mazda3, or some other vehicle of your choice that comes with xenon headlights.
The cost of xenon headlights is much higher than that of halogen headlights. The fact that the transformer and the control unit are often manufactured in the same housing contributes to xenon headlights being pricey. In addition, now, for example, in Europe, there are rules according to which, to have xenon headlights in a car, it must be equipped with an automatic headlight angle adjustment and a special washer. All this is necessary to ensure the elimination of the dazzling effect that the xenon headlights can have on the oncoming traffic.

It is also worth noting that xenon headlamps consume about 40% less electricity, which results in better fuel economy. Xenon headlights are less heated, and therefore heat up the optics less. The main advantage of xenon headlights, from the point of view of road safety, can be attributed to the fact that these headlights are about three times as bright in comparison with halogen headlights.

Quality xenon headlights do not exhaust your eyesight; they improve visibility in darkness, at dusk and in bad weather. The light xenon headlights project is also more saturated allowing you to read the road signs better, which is extremely important at night, especially in winter and in the snowy weather. Elderly people particularly benefit from brighter lighting, as their eyesight is usually not so great due to the advanced age.
The main disadvantage of xenon headlamps is the possible dazzling effect of the oncoming traffic in the absence of a system of automatic correction of the angle of inclination of headlights. Another disadvantage is that xenon headlights require a few seconds to “warm up” when turned on, and frequent on / off leads to a reduction in their lifetime. As we have mentioned earlier, xenon headlamps are more expensive compared to regular headlights.

We should say that the costs of xenon headlights can in no way be considered exorbitant or inconclusive. The thing is that xenon headlights contribute immensely to your safety and the safety of your family when driving at night. So if you have a car like fiat 500, which may not be equipped with Xenon lights from the factory, it is always possible to upgrade your headlights with no problem and at a very reasonable price.

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