November 30, 2018

Winter: Season to protect Your Beast

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Who doesn’t love a new vehicle?

They dazzle and are shiny, and they have an intoxicating smell. They’re created in a happiness factory by happiness fairies who guarantee that—once we buy that brand-new car—everything right will happen in our lives. However, let’s say you have a dream vehicle you’ve always wanted as a kid. You want that vehicle with every ounce of your being, but what if at the end of the day it looks uglier than your old beast. It’s crucial for vehicle enthusiasts to ensure that their dream vehicle is well maintained. Protecting your vehicle has is necessary.

Winter is coming, and we have already started switching on the heater and ready with the warm jackets. To fight with cold breeze warm blankets are already set in our cupboards. It’s the time to keep your vehicle warm to protect yourself from an accident.

Five Ways to Keep Salt and Snow Off Your Vehicle

Keep it Clean

In the U.S., coal ash and crud from the roads build upon a vehicle which asks for regular washing of vehicle. Moreover, during the winter, taking preventive steps becomes even more important, think about how to melt ice and snow. Currently, the U.S. Government started using salt brine to melt ice and snow. Washing your car at least once a week during the winter helps keep the salt from building up and eating away at your paint. Take your car to the nearby service center and tell them for undercarriage wash, since this is an area of the car where you often see the most salt.

Wax it Often

Wax coating on the exterior of the car will help to protect the paint and even in melting ice and snow. In the winter season, apply a wax outer layer and take extra care of your beast by applying wax on headlights to remove dirt and water to stick.

Be on Guard

Have a good look at the underside at every oil change and use a rust-eating solution with a properly prepared undercoating spray to prevent damage for years. Many manufacturers offer paint to prevent rust. If you switch to snow tires for the winter, it may be worth investing in powder coating the wheels and the best way to protect your vehicle this winter.

Extra Care

  • Save time by covering your wiper blades with a pair of socks each night to keep them from freezing to the windshield and avoid taking drivers at risk.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle engine running unless you are in the driver’s seat.
  • Protect your vehicle by using theft-prevention devices from thieves.
  • Wash your car daily, take as much care as people do with their pets.
  • Park in well – lit, attended areas. Lights and people will deter most car thieves and vandals.
  • Never leave your valuables in the
  • Check your vehicle’s environmental protection, paintless dent repair, key protection, and all necessary safety services while buying a car.

Take care of your vehicle on a regular basis as you take care of yourself. How beautifully we care yourself by protecting our skin from different lotions or creams and buying luxury accessories in winter to cover our body fro protective layer. What if we do the same with our vehicle every season?

There are many company or service centers which offer you best deal for your vehicle care. The best online service provider “Automotive Concepts of MN,” serves you to take an online appointment for your car. Just a small investment of time and a few dollars of preventative maintenance will help protect your vehicle this winter and save you thousands in maintenance costs.

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