April 5, 2018

 Which One Is More Reliable – Mercedes-Benz or BMW

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 3 Years ago
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Luxury cars are mostly called as “aspirational vehicles.” Mercedes and BMW are the two highly popular luxury cars in the market. Due to a wide range of distinctive and unique set of features, these luxury cars have always been more appealing than other cars. To find out which is the most reliable car, a proper analysis of each of them is required.


Both Mercedes-Benz and Lexus showed incredibly strong SUV portfolios. Any of those non-SUV models could experience growth in sales. Yet both these brands managed to complete overall sales.

In Houston, there are several reputed Mercedes Benz dealers. Introduction of the new and compact “GLC crossover” benefitted the entire range of Mercedes Benz Houston. The full size GLS and models witnessed an increase in sales by a rough measure of 9%.


The medium size Lexus RX car had been dominating the automobile market for a decade or so. In 2017, it collaborated with the compact “NX” series and witnessed an increase in sales by nearly 25.4%.


The BMW 3 Series “compact sports sedans” have been holding the “gold standard” for a couple of years. It saw a reduction in its sales to 25.5% in the last year. The BMW 4-Series reduced to 22.2% while sales of BMW 5 series shrunk to 26.6%. When the sales of various different BMW models were dropping, BMW X1 and X3 series observed a solid increase in sales.


Out of the entire Tier 1 brands, Audi is one of those luxury cars that saw an overall growth. Its luxury division was sustained by robust growth achieved from A4 sedan, Q7 and Q3 crossover SUVs. Over the last fifteen years, this car manufacturing brand had again gained prominence in the entire US market, post a scandal that spoilt the growth of brand during 1980s.

Reliability over a period of time

Within the timeframe of 6 years, all the cars are very much same in regards of reliability and cost. All these cars, during this time, are new and have traveled less than 1 million miles. The order of reliability is Mercedes (highest), BMW and Audi (lowest). Post 6 years, a change was seen. As these cars traveled more miles, they tend to break. Audi was still rated as the least reliable and highly expensive of the other 3 brands. BMW occupied the middle place and Mercedes was the best among all of them in terms of comfort, performance and repairs.


BMW, Mercedes and Audi are all most preferred names in the field of luxury cars. This analysis can help you figure out which model has been the most reliable and contributed towards the sales growth in the past few years.

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