June 10, 2018

What You Need to Know About Getting Your HGV Licence

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 3 Years ago
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As time passes, more and more people are pursuing careers as lorry drivers for the stability and freedom of getting paid to drive. As more people become interested in this profession, it seems that the confusion surrounding the relevant training and licences only continues to grow. If you want to become a lorry driver, you should do your research in terms of the necessary training you’ll need to receive and how to go about doing so. HGV training is one of those options that you might consider, depending on what type of driving you wish to do.

What Does HGV Mean?

If you’re interested in being a lorry driver, it’s important that you’re able to understand the different terms and phrases that will be used during the process of getting your licence. HGV stands for “heavy goods vehicle.” You might also hear this referred to as LGV, which stands for “large goods vehicle.” The two are actually the same and are considered to be the same licence under both United Kingdom and European law.

What Is HGV Training?

Training for HGV drivers in Reading provides all the information and qualifications you need to move forward and get your driving license, regardless of whether you’d like to drive professionally or just for personal purposes. HGV training can be broken down into four different modules which all combine to make up the Initial Driver CPC qualification. The first and third modules have to do with the process of actually getting your licence, and the second and fourth modules concern the actual qualifications necessary to become a driver. If you’re only looking to get a license for personal purposes and not for a job, then you’ll only need to complete the first and third modules.

Something to consider before jumping into the process of training or getting your HGV licence is your current state of health. Before getting into training, you’ll need to get a provisional license, which requires you to pass a medical exam. Once the exam is passed, you’ll have to fill out a couple of forms. Overall, the application process will take around ten to fourteen days to complete.

The first module of HGV training involves a test on theory and hazard perception. Before you can start the first module, you’ll need to have already received your provisional licence. The theory test is 100 questions long and is given 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. To pass, you’ll need to have gotten at least 85 of the answers correct. The hazard perception test involves spotting and pointing out hazards in 20 different clips. You’ll need to score at least a 67 out of 100 to pass this portion.

Once you’ve completed your first module of HGV training, you’re well on your way to completing the rest of the steps. You’ll have two years after you get your module one certification to complete the third module, which is the Practical Driving test. The second module can be booked at the same time as module one, as it is another theory test that deals with case study questions. Finally, module four is typically completed right after the Practical Driving test, and it involves a general knowledge test of relevant information regarding vehicles and driving.

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