March 23, 2019

Tips on How to Get a Good Deal on Used Cars

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 2 Years ago
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Deciding to buy a car that has signage indicating that it is “for sale” is quite risky and can be a deal breaker. If you do not have any experience in buying a used car, it is best that you do your research by learning more about the vehicle and determining what type of questions to ask either the owner or the dealership before making a buying decision. Here are some tips to get you started.

Ask for a brief history of the vehicle

When making an inquiry about a particular car that you find interesting, it is best that you ask the person in charge to give you a quick history of the vehicle. Ask for the make and model, the features as well as the specs of the car. If you are making and an inquiry through phone do not forget to ask if you can visit website and get more information and photos online.

Ask for the reason for selling

There can be some reasons why a person is selling his car. Some may have bought a new vehicle, while others may need cash or moving into a different location where bringing the car is not considered as an option. Some owners and dealers are even honest enough to tell you if the car has issues. This is also the best time for you to determine if you could negotiate for a lower price depending on their need for cash and how much will you be spending for repairs if there are any.

Ask more probing questions

Assess the overall look of the vehicle and check for any physical damage such as dents, bumps and deep scratches. You might want to ask what caused the accident. You can tell by the tone of the sellers’ voice or by looking at his face if he is telling the truth or just making up stories. If you are genuinely serious about buying the car, then it is okay to ask as many questions as you can.

Ask for a test drive

Before deciding to seal the deal and sign off the paperwork, it is best to schedule a test drive. Please note that you should not ask for a test drive if you are not interested or have doubts about buying the car to avoid wasting other people’s time.

Negotiate for the final price

The final price should be asked right after you are done with the test drive and other inspection. Once you are satisfied with the results, then you can talk to the car owner or person in charge of the dealership and negotiate for the final price of the car as well as the payment terms. Usually, car owners would prefer upfront cash payments and dealerships can offer flexible payment terms with an affordable interest rate. Decide on what works best for you and seal the deal.

It is recommended to ask the right kind of questions whether you are buying a brand new or second-hand car. To make sure that you would not regret making a big purchase.


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