Tips about Selecting an automobile LCD Monitor

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As implied by its name, Vehicle LCD Monitor adopts LCD since it’s display. Evaluating using the traditional CRT vehicle monitors, Vehicle LCD Monitors has apparent technological advantages. Because the cost of LCD decreased in 2008, presently, Vehicle LCD Monitors has completely taken the area from the traditional CRT vehicle monitors.

Vehicle LCD Monitor has got the following distinguished features: small volume, light, totally flat, low consumption, no glittering with no distortion. Before selecting an automobile LCD Monitor, we’ve to have a look in the fundamental parameters.

1. Us dot pitch

Us dot pitch refers back to the distance backward and forward neighboring pixel point around the display. When the display size if set, the display having a smaller sized us dot pitch presents a clearer and fine image. The information of us dot pitch comes from the visible area dividing the resolution. For that general LCD, a us dot pitch of .279mm can instruct an excellent and delicate image. When it comes to Vehicle LCD Monitors, which often adopts CF Card Player or Vehicle Hard Disk Drive Player, the us dot pitch can totally satisfy the requirement, thus, this parameter could be overlooked with regards to Vehicle LCD Monitors.

2. Resolution

Resolution is among the most significant purchasing parameters of car LCD Monitors. The greater from the resolution is, the greater from the image is going to be. Since Vehicle LCD Monitors are often of small size, it’s a decent LCD when the resolution can achieve 720×480.

3. Brightness

The utmost brightness of car LCD Monitor is usually based on the backlight. Presently, the brightness from the LCD ranges between 250~500cd/m2. The greater from the brightness is , the look could be more beautiful, however, the cost may also be greater. Usually, the display having a brightness less than 250cd/m2 isn’t worth thinking about.

4. Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio can also be of great importance and importance towards Vehicle Liquid Crystal Display. The greater it’s, the look could be more saturated, and much more stereo. On the other hand, the low it’s, the colour is going to be poorer and dull. Usually, the correct contrast ratio is above 200:1, along with a greater the first is roughly 400:1. If it’s less than 150:1, you shouldn’t choose it.

5. Viewing position

Viewing position refers back to the maximum position that people’ eyes can easily see the display. The lager, the greater. When the viewing position is small, you will see distortion around the image when the user’s eyesight deviated just a little in the screen, even can’t begin to see the image. The perfect viewing position from the Vehicle LCD Monitor is above 120 degree (Horizontal) and also the vertical downwards viewing position is above 70°. Thinking about your buck, LCD is generally made with a upwards viewing angel of 75° along with a downwards viewing position of 55°. If we don’t provide technical process, this sort of display will wasted its upwards viewing position and simultaneously, the downwards viewing position can’t satisfy the need. Therefore, the automobile LCD Monitor ought to keep its display upside lower to satisfy the necessity within the vehicle surroundings.

6. Response time

This parameter is essential, on account to the fact that it determines if you will see tail phenomena. Response time refers back to the time the LCD must switch from brightness to darkness or the other way around. In most cases, the shorter the response time is ,the greater. When the response time is brief, people will not encounter blur or lingering traces when they’re searching in the moving pictures. Based on the response duration of your eyes, you will see sluggish moving pictures when the response time has ended 100 milliseconds. At the moment, the conventional response time ranges between 50-80 milliseconds, and a few high-grade LCD’s response time ranges between 25-30 milliseconds. There will not be tailing phenomena when the response time reaches 80 milliseconds. What’s worth realizing is the fact that response time includes climbing some time and climbing down time, although some manufactures only imply climbing time or climbing down time, which might misleads our consumers.

7. Color

The expressiveness from the color is an essential parameter when selecting Vehicle LCD Monitors. As everyone knows, any colour of the character is constituted of three fundamental colors, namely, red, eco-friendly and blue. Each independent pixel colour of the LCD is controlled through the three fundamental colors. The majority of the LCD’s fundamental color reaches 6 digits, that’s 64 kinds of performance indicators, then each independent pixel has 64×64×64=262144 types of colors. Most the LCD only has 262,144 colors, the high-grade ones. The 32 digits(16,777,216) labeled through the manufacturers comes from interpolation or dithering formula, that is far poorer compared to real 32 digits. The display can instruct a great color whether it reaches 26M.

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