March 26, 2018
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Things To Consider When Importing A Vehicle To New Zealand

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 3 Years ago
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Lucky for you, today there are many great providers that will make the importing much easier for you. However, you need to find the appropriate provider before just choosing anyone to handle your vehicle. You might want to get help for importing a car to New Zealand with Dazmac.

A lot of paperwork

If you did not know, there is a lot of paperwork that goes into getting a vehicle across the border and into New Zealand, which is why if you are not that aware of all the documentation you will need, then you should hire a professional to help. There are many reputable brokers that will make this much easier for you.

Be prepared for loads of paperwork


Just like with the customs, you will have to make sure that the vehicle you want to import is eligible for the roads of the country where it is heading, and in this case New Zealand. It also needs to be compliant with the environmental legislation. If you have any questions, you can check out this site, and learn more about the needed compliance.

Don’t forget about Biosecurity

Of course, you also have the Biosecurity that a lot of people just forget about. When your vehicle is imported into the desired country, it will have to be checked by Biosecurity. Of course, this will also cost you, and it usually is between $400 and $1000, which also depends on whether your car will need any treatment or not.

Hiring a professional

As it was mentioned earlier, a lot of paperwork goes into the shipment of your car and importing it into another country, which is why you need to find the best provider who will do this job for you. If you want to ship your car from Australia to New Zealand, you should check out and their services.

Shipping personal things with the vehicle

If you have bought a car in another country, why not stuff it with some other items and have everything shipped together? It will save you some money, but if you intend to do this, you will have to check it with the Biosecurity and Customs, as the car needs to be inspected inside and out.

This means that stuffing your car with too many loose items is not a good idea. Those items will be seen as a missile in transit. However, packing some linen in the back, or a couple of boxes will not cause any trouble for those who are shipping your car.

There are different methods of shipping vehicles

Know what can be shipped

Even today, there are some vehicles that cannot be imported into certain countries, so make sure you know the rules before blindly purchasing a car online. You can always contact your provider, the people who will be handling the export and import, as they already know which car is eligible for which road.

In addition, if you hire a broker, they will also know this information, as well as the documentation you will have to prepare, the money you will have to invest, and all the added costs that many people do not pay attention to until the bill arrives.

Final word

Overall, shipping a car to New Zealand will not take too much of your time if you know what you are doing, but if you are not familiar with the usual paperwork you might be better off hiring a professional to help you out instead. Make sure you know the full cost of shipment and importing before purchasing the vehicle.

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