The Exhaust of Choice for Your Bike

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Are you a proud owner of a new motorcycle? Do you want to be the envy of the town whilst you take it out for a ride?

xhaust for your motorbike

What you need for your bike is the Akrapovic Exhaust. With its roots in Europe, Akrapovic is well-loved and is widely used by motorcycle enthusiasts around the world for its innovation and usage of the latest technologies in their exhaust products. The signature muffler of Akrapovic, with its hexagonal shape, took the world by storm when it was first introduced to the motorcycle market.

Each and every Akrapovic product is made using high-end materials such as titanium and carbon fibre that lasts even when you race using your motorcycle. So if you enjoy racing down the streets, this is the product that’s perfect for you. With its unique design and technology, your motorcycle will be able to quickly achieve high levels of power in a span of only a few seconds. Akrapovic exhaust systems deliver a unique and deep resonant sound which riders love hearing; the sound of a motorcycle that’s equipped with nothing but the best systems.

These systems can also be used and customized for the type of motorcycle you ride be it a quaint Vespa, Honda, Ducati, or even a big Harley-Davidson. All high end exhaust systems can be fitted on to each and every motorcycle that’s currently available in the market. Regardless of the kind of rider you are, Akrapovic exhausts has the high quality products you’re looking for and that you will definitely enjoy.

Confidence in quality

How can you be confident with Akrapovic products and the high quality it delivers? Why should you not go with any other brands in the market instead? The answer to this is the high level of service that Akrapovic provides! Each and every product has been carefully made by a passionate and experienced team using the latest in technology combined with their refined processes and high quality materials to deliver well-made reliable products.

It is this same passion and drive, coupled with the foundation that has been built on years of research and design through partnerships with global race champions, that pushes the team at Akrapovic every single day as they build their products.

By going through this process, Akrapovic has helped 80 world champions step on to the winners’ podium in different competitions both in local race grids as well as top tier competitions such as the Moto GP circuits.

Take the muffler design, for example. Apart from the hexagonal shape design which was revolutionary the first time it came out, a new conically-shaped muffler has recently arrived in markets. This clearly represents the next level of evolution: being able to not only provide a sharper racing sound, but also a much faster acceleration for the motorcycle

The wins on the race track and different collaborations with winning teams across the globe point back to Akrapovic’s dedication and commitment to bringing high-quality end-user products to the market. Perhaps, the reason why it comes as no surprise that Akrapovic remains well-loved and widely used among motorcycle enthusiasts is because everyone can now experience the same adrenaline rush, joy, and power as the best riders in the world.

Types of Exhaust Systems

  • Slip-on Line: This line of exhaust products are specifically designed for people who ride their motorcycles recreationally. These systems are easy to install and take off, replacing stock mufflers that are commonly found in the market. With the Akrapovic Slip-On line, you instantly get more power for a fraction of the usual weight, resulting in a smoother ride instantaneously. The best part of this is that most of the entire range comes with EC type-approval, allowing easy access to purchase it globally.

The Slip-on line also provides you the freedom you need for your riding pleasure with an optional valve system enabling you to adjust the sound level with a simple switch and it also allows you to keep your hands clean.

A new coating on the silencer gives you better protection against scratches as well as allow for better cleaning for the off-road riding ranges. New models also come with a spark arrestor that prevents the emission of flammable debris from combustion sources, all with no loss in power.

  • Open Line: This line allows for customization of your Harley from a range of regularly tested systems to change the look and sound of your ride.
  • Racing Line: This line of exhaust products are for, as its name suggests, racers. The entire range is made of high-quality stainless steel and every detail has been accounted for while they are being put together. It comes in a unique design whichallows motorcycles to get maximum output for each and every motorcycle model while reducing significant weight for consistent top performances – for both every day riding and challenging races.


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