November 27, 2017
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Sure Tips to Sell a Damaged Car and Be Pleased with the Outcome

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 3 Years ago
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 When your car gets broken, you think it’s over – you won’t be able to resell it, as no one could possible take an interest in a vehicle that took some (serious) damage. This isn’t true, though. Reselling broken cars is a business that goes well beyond the usual junkyard disposal.

Salvaged vehicles

A car that has one of a few damaged parts/broken pieces can be salvaged. It is a damaged good but this doesn’t mean it’s lost all its value. In fact, some models can be rare, expensive and interesting. You may want to contact collectors, as there are many who might take an interest in a specific make and be willing to recondition your vehicle by replacing the wrecked parts. In that case, you have to be very open to discuss the issues and refrain from covering any of those.

Certified mechanics

A certified mechanic inspecting your car will discover and list all the issues it’s facing. With a comprehensive report from such mechanic, potential buyers will trust you more. As mentioned, it is important to be as honest as possible when putting a damaged car up for sale. Prospects must be aware of anything that has gone wrong or can go wrong with it. Besides, there are states where it is illegal to sell a vehicle without making it buyer aware of all of its faults. Obtain a vehicle history report, too.

What if my car was seriously damaged in an accident?

Wrecked vehicles that sit idle in your yard can be repurposed. A great deal of people ask “How can I sell my crashed car and make the most if it?” The answer is fairly simple. Junkyards will surely buy it, but the cash isn’t always the same, so you must compare the offers. Unusable vehicles may still provide parts in a good condition, so it would be wise to ask for a mechanic to identify these before you proceed to selling. This way, you can make the most out of the sale. Cars that crashed in accidents can have various degrees of damage. Thus, the price cannot be the same for each case.

Are repairs worth it?

When you choose to repair a car before you sell it to someone else, you must get an estimate first. A repaired vehicle is limited on the market, it cannot have a too high price. Repairing it may in fact cost a  lot more than what you get for selling it. Make sure it’s worth it – it may well not be.

Used parts dealers

If, according to the mechanic’s report, your car still has loads of viable parts that can be reused, you may go to a used parts dealer. This is the way to maximize your earnings in the given situation. It might bring you more money than leaving your vehicle to a simple salvage lot.

Even cars in the worst of conditions can bring you some cash. Do not leave yours to collect dust and rust. Take action as soon as you can.

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