November 30, 2017

No Nonsense Nearly New

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 3 Years ago
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New car registrations were down by nearly ten per cent in September.  Lack of economic confidence, increases in car tax and uncertainty around Brexit seems to have meant that drivers have held on to their vehicles.

Normally, October would see a lack of nearly new cars available as September buyers were tempted by deals available on these cars and decided that splashing out extra for the sake of a couple of hundred miles was not worthwhile.

But not this year.

That means that deals are to be had, as dealers not only seek to off load new vehicles, but also those hang around nearly new models that are clogging up their forecourts.

Here are some of the best we have found in the ‘affordable’ class.  Get haggling and you might well find the price falls further. Remember you’ll want to use sell my car service first to be a cash buyer:

Vauxhall Corsa Sting Price £7495 Saving From New £3140

Vauxhall did OK in the new sales figures compared to many of its rivals, but it still has plenty of very low mileage, effectively new Corsa models in the show room.  A good little run around, cheap to keep on the road, comfortable to drive and enough, just, room in the back, it’s a perfect city car, and ideal for younger drivers.

Mazda 3 SE-L Nav Price £15427 Saving From New £7085

The discount available means a highly popular family hatchback for the price of a much smaller car.  You are in Ford Focus and VW Golf league here, this top end model from the Mazda 3 range is definitely worth the extra money it costs new, and is even better with a price bringing it to the bog-standard cost range.  Sharp, good to drive and comfortable, there’s a lot to be said for the Mazda.

Fiat Tipo Easy Price £10000 Saving From New £3795

The Tipo has its critics, and at full price if doesn’t match up well with others in the small family hatchback class, but for those after a car as good as new, with all that brings in terms of warranties and predictable motoring costs, the discount brings it into contention.

In fact, negotiate hard, and you could well get the price lower if your luck is in.  A steady Eddie of a car, it does what it does in a perfectly adequate way.  Worth a look, without a doubt.

Volkswagen Polo Match Edition Price £10450 Saving From New £3005

The model highlighted here has a number of extra features – folding door mirrors, rain sensors and automatic headlights to name just three.

The Polo is a solid, well made and reliable car – just what you would expect from a VW – but with a replacement model soon due, that £3000 discount could be just your starting point.  It is a good time to buy.  Haggle hard.

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