May 18, 2018

More Information on How to Take Proper Care of Your Summer Tires

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 3 Years ago
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Summer tires are specifically designed by manufacturers to provide an all-rounder performance during the summertime of the year, have an exceptional life expectancy and have a leading-edge quality. Now tires have always been the most important component of the vehicle. It is responsible for taking you to one place or another. Don’t you wonder it is a good thing to return it a favour by proper and regular maintenance of it? If you agree, read on.

The pressure

Make sure your summer tires have adequate level of air pressure in it, neither too low nor too high so that a level of performance is maintained. Check out your summer tyres once a month and do it with a cold check. If, just in case, you are not able to perform a cold check, add 4.35 PSI to the measure you take. Also consult the car manufacturer for the pressure level for your summer tires. You can also refer to the user manual.

Wheel alignment

Keep an eye out for the car wheel alignment. When you depart from the factory, they are perfectly aligned. But just in case if you have collided with a barrier or a pothole, check for the alignment. If there is any misalignment, consult your auto mechanic professional immediately. When the wheels are properly aligned they give you optimal handling, protects your tire from wear and tear and helps you save fuel in huge amounts.

Tread depth

Treads are quite essential for your summer tires. When the depth is adequate it helps in driving on wet roads too which also minimizes the risk of aquaplaning. You can measure the depth by using a depth gauge. Refer to the table for specific depth gauge and the actions you should take correspondingly.

Tread Depth Action Required
6/32” None, the tread depth is adequate
5/32” Consider changing your tires if you need to drive on wet roads
4/32”-3/32” Prepare the replacement of your tires and monitor them closely
2/32” According to the law, your tires are declared too worn to be used on the road and you must replace them.

Valve and Valve Depth

Valves and valve caps are also prone to wear and tear over time. Hence it is important to replace them to maintain the safety aspect of your tires and the vehicle overall. When valves are maintained in a good condition they keep air leaks at bay, maintain the levels of air pressure and extends the life.

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