February 6, 2018

Lift Kits

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This includes the modifications on a vehicle meant to raise the vehicle higher. Lift kits include suspension lift kits and lift kits for trucks. They can be installed by yourself or by a professional mechanic.

Suspension Lift Kits

This is a modification on a car meant to raise the driving height. A lift kit, on the other hand, is a product from the aftermarket consisting of the necessary parts required to raise a particular vehicle and the instructions for doing the lifting.  Suspension Lift Kits are fixed on vehicles to improve the vehicles off-road operation. They give an aggressive look to the vehicle thus increasing the off-road performance of the vehicle.


  • They render capable steeper approach.
  • They enable vehicle departure.
  • They enable break over angles.
  • They enable higher clearance of the ground.
  • They aid in accommodating big tires and wheels.

Categories of Suspension Lift Kits

  • Spring over axle – This is the most common lift kits among rock crawlers. They maintain the vehicle tires down the ground for effective traction while the springs lift the vehicle high.
  • Shackle Reverse – These lift kits are mostly used to give a smooth driving experience in a mild terrain surface and low speed riding on the highways.
  • Coil – This is probably the best choice for multitudes of drivers riding 4 wheeled vehicles. It is common because it offers high riding quality. The springs of the lift kit are cheap to acquire although a welder may be required.
  • Lifted spring – This is are the common lift kits used for trucks. This is because they are easy to fix and offer a wonderful experience for first timers in the world of off-road vehicles.
  • Shackle – This is an affordable suspension lift kit for trucks used in providing the off-road capability and creating space for use of large tires in trucks.

Truck Lift Kits

Equipping your truck with high-quality lift kits for trucks improves its style and performance. Professionals should be consulted in fixing and repairing of the lift kits. The lift kits create a good impression on the vehicle due to its good looks. People will turn to see your vehicle when you pass near them due to its good view. They also improve the performance of the truck by improving the off-road capability of the truck.

Elements to contemplate with truck lift kits

  • Lift Kit installation – Guidelines on the installation of the lift kits are usually provided by Louis Missouri Custom Car Shop, however, welding may be required during installation. This then calls for a professional mechanic to do the task.
  • Additional truck modification – In order to use taller tires, the lift kits should be upgraded to cater for the space required.
  • Highway truck performance – The use of larger tires is sometimes an inconvenience as large tires are unstable on highways with noisy, uncomfortable and fast rides.
  • Weight – Large tires add weight to the truck thus causing increased strain of the vehicle while moving.
  • Handling – Lift kits raise the truck while at the same time raising the center of gravity of the truck. This makes the truck unstable and may be prone to falling.
  • Legality – Sometimes it is illegal to use extreme lift kits for your truck. A driver should always consult with the suspension regulations of his or her country before engaging in this activity.
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