April 14, 2020
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Knowing When it is Time to Get a New Car

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 1 year ago
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Our cars hold sentimental value, they aren’t just vehicles that take us from A to B, we have lots of memories in our car. But, there comes a time when your old banger must be traded in for a newer model, whether brand-new or used. Here are some signs you need a new vehicle in your life.

Constant Problems

There are plenty of great new and used cars for sale in Canberra if you think your current vehicle has come to the end of its lifecycle. Occasionally, older vehicles tend to run into trouble, its normal and you shouldn’t be too worried when it happens. If the breakdowns and repairs happen frequently, you should think about buying a new or used car. If you’re continually facing some of these major issues, get a new vehicle:

  • Blown Radiators
  • Exhaust System Problems
  • Major Engine Malfunctions

Small issues are normal, but several major issues call for a new vehicle.

Nobody Wants to Ride with You

If your car is in such a bad condition, you’ll usually find that none of your friends or family want to ride with you. Some of us keep driving our car until it is in a truly hideous condition and rightly deserves the name “rust bucket”. If your everyone is ashamed to take a ride in your car, it may be time to reassess your motor and look for a new one.

Fuel is Costing More

As an engine gets older, it starts to run into problems. It doesn’t work as well as before and fuel efficiency drops dramatically. If you notice that your car now requires a lot more fuel to run, it may be time for an upgrade.

Safety Issues

Older cars can become a safety issue – old tyres, old tech and more. They can become prone to breaking down at dangerous times, such as when you are on the motorway. Newer cars have all the latest tech, from stability control to side airbags. Safety is a top priority with manufacturers, and they work on making things better every year.

Although getting a new car costs money, you could be losing a lot more on your current vehicle. If repairs are costing more than the car is worth, it is time to look for a new one. There is no problem holding onto a car as long as you can, but when factors such as safety and cost becomes an issue, it is time to purchase a better model.



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