January 27, 2020

In-car comfort

  • by Callum Ollie
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Catalogue of buycarparts.co.uk online-shop offers a vast assortment of various car accessories, which can increase comfort of the driver and passengers. This category includes travel neck pillows and car dehumidifiers. Travel pillows are important accessories for a comfortable trip if you are travelling by car or taking a flight.

Neckpillows are designed to assure comfort of seating passengers providing proper support of their necks. This allows catching some sleep in awkward positions. Hence, there is no risk of developing shoulder stiffness when you sleep with a good travel pillow.

These pillows can be filled with air, buckwheat hulls, polyester batting, memory foam etc. Also, there are pillows which are mounted under a seat headrest, or ones which put directly onto person’s neck. There are pillows made of polyurethane, various types of fabric, such as fleece or cotton for example. Travel pillows differ by shape, thus, there are U-shaped, square, bone-shaped ones.

Another advantage of such pillows is that they can be used outside of a car, in office or any other place where you need to rest or seat with comfort.

Car dehumidifiers are rather inexpensive and compact accessories, which allow to remove moisture and unpleasant odors in your car. Remember that high humidity can cause appearance of mould and mildew.

The most common types of car dehumidifiers are electric devices powered via the cigarette lighter socket and moisture absorbing bags typically filled with silica gel. Another type of filler is bamboo charcoal; it is characterized by very high water-absorbing qualities. Such absorbing bag can be put under the seat or on the car dashboard.

Most of car dehumidifiers are reusable, 12V-powered unit can be emptied while the bag can be refilled or dried with the help of a microwave oven.

Using a high-quality car dehumidifier, you won’t be driving with steamy windows and musty smells any longer.

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