April 22, 2019

How To Recognize a Problem With Your Brakes

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It can be exciting to drive a vehicle that you love, cruising to your next destination in comfort and style. However, when your car is not properly maintained, the situation can be uncomfortable or outright dangerous for you, your passengers, and others that share the road with you. When your brakes are not functioning properly, you become an instant road hazard each time you operate your vehicle. Because having reliable, functioning brakes are essential for any vehicle to have, it’s important to recognize when there may be an issue, what to do about it, and where to find the best professional auto maintenance services in your area.

Typical Warning Signs

While manufacturers may estimate and recommend that your brakes may need to be replaced based on the distance your vehicle has traveled, there are many other indicators that can help you to properly evaluate your personal situation even before you hit those exact numbers. Some signs to look for include the following:

  • Irregular vibrations felt on the brake pedal
  • Loud, metallic noises coming from your vehicle when you apply pressure to your brake pedal
  • Brake fluid leaking from your vehicle
  • Brakes not feeling as responsive as usual
  • Worn brake padsare less than a quarter-inch thick
  • The warning light for your brakes goes off

It’s also important to remember that the wear on your brakes can also depend on the type of driving done and how frequently brakes are used. For example, a vehicle used regularly for stop-and-go traffic may need more regular maintenance than one routinely driven more smoothly on the open road.

When To Get Your Brakes Checked

Even if your car shows no outright symptoms of having an issue with your brakes, it is wise to have them checked according to the timeline recommended by the manufacturer. Brakes typically require an initial checkup by a qualified professional such Brake shop Calgary at around 80,000 kilometers/50,000 miles and periodically thereafter. Another recommendation and a good habit to have is having them routinely checked during your semi-annual tire rotation or whenever you have other routine services performed on your vehicles such as checking fluids, filters, tires, belts, and hoses.

Finding a Qualified Professional

Canvassing your area for a qualified mechanic is important for getting the service you need to keep your car running its best. Maintenance of auto parts, including brakes, should be something that a professional should understand thoroughly so it is important to choose one that demonstrates competence and is trustworthy. Recommendations from friends, auto-savvy or not, can be useful in finding a local auto expert that you can use regularly for all your car’s needs with a variety of services such as Calgary brakes service. Other telltale signs of a reputable auto service professional include the following:

  • Having a good track record of serving the community for a significant amount of time
  • Practicing professional customer service and open communication throughout the entire process
  • Providing a range of services available on site
  • Having extensive knowledge of products and procedures
  • Being transparent and consistent with policies and pricing
  • Offering fair, competitive rates
  • Backing services and parts with some type of guarantee to ensure the quality of product and experience

While it can be tempting to put off your auto maintenance until a major issue hinders your ability to operate your vehicle, there are many consequences in doing so. Regular maintenance is a relatively small investment compared to the costs associated with major vehicle repair or paying reparations to those affected by an accident you may have caused with faulty auto parts. When your car is serviced regularly and running smoothly, you can decrease your chances of being involved in a mishap and drive confidently and safely knowing that everything is in working order.

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