May 17, 2018
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  • Here’s What Your Service Agreement with Liberty Automotive Protection Covers and What’s Not

Here’s What Your Service Agreement with Liberty Automotive Protection Covers and What’s Not

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 3 Years ago
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Liberty Automotive Protection is one of the top extended warranty automotive protection service providers in Ocean, New Jersey. The company is one of the divisions of Palmer Administrative Services, Inc. who’s been providing some of the most innovative and competitive extended warranty programs across the whole country.

Providing some of the most comprehensive service warranties, Liberty Automotive gives car owners the peace of mind whenever major breakdowns and damage happen in the covered components of their vehicle.

To avoid disappointments and confusion when it comes to repair and maintenance services, being aware of what is fully covered by your warranty protection will help you get the best of your service warranty. In such a way that it eliminates out-of-pocket expenses; being able to determine what components are really enclosed in your contract will also help you optimize the benefits of your extended automotive warranty.

Coverage really depends on the type of services you want to expand with your vehicle. Liberty Automotive has some of the best programs to cover the most expensive components of your vehicle and then some extra ones.

Precisely what is capped in the program will be explicitly stated in the contract and reading them will help you fully understand what is enveloped within your program. Also, understand that the legitimacy of your warranty claims are only bounded by the covered parts and having something other than those stipulated in the contract means you will have to cover the expenses.

So, to sum it up, what components are really covered under your extended warranty protection?

The most obvious included parts are the pricey ones. This means the engine, transmissions, and transaxle for automatic vehicles, the steering, electrical components, and the front and rear suspensions.

Certain components are also covered under the Powertrain Enhanced program including the basic electrical and air conditioning units. They are covered to protect car owners from the expensive out-of-pocket expense that often becomes a financial burden.

The things not covered by your extended auto warranty are wear and tear components. Such items include the upholstery, moldings, sealed bulbs, batteries, windshield wipers, glass, brake pads, and the body paint.

These components are not as expensive as the major parts that keep your vehicle running. Also, your vehicle has the navigation system, accessories, and electronic components. Having them covered would be an extra payment for each one, but the benefits of being able to drive worry-free and without the inconveniences of a broken car or a damaged component.

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