October 9, 2017

Discover the class and timelessness of Mercedes-AMG models

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Mercedes-AMG GmbH is the exclusive division of Mercedes-Benz. Known for its high performance models, every car in the segment is designed with exclusivity, and AMG hires engineers especially for this segment. With headquarters in Affalterbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, today AMG Mercedes produces a range of cars that are known for performance improvements. In fact, AMG was initially an independent firm in itself that offer engineering and performance inputs and work for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Today, Mercedes-AMG GmbH is owned completely by Daimler AG.

The incredible range

AMG models are known for their incredible look and better performance. The cars are designed for incredible handling and stability on the road, as compared to some of the regular models of Mercedes-Benz. No wonder, all AMG models are priced higher and are considered to be the most expensive among all Mercedes-Benz classes. One of the other notable differences is the numerals. Mercedes-Benz vehicles usually have three numerals, while AMG models have two. Initially, the displacement size of the engine determined the two numbers, but there is no such norm at the moment.

More facts

AMG models are in high demand in the US, with over 11,000 units sold every year. So far, AMG has sold more than 70,000 models, and around 38 vehicles have the AMG badge. New AMGs are designed with utmost care, by a selected number of engineers. Apart from more horsepower as compared to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, these models are known for exclusive body styles and design elements that adds to the aerodynamics and on-road performance. All models are designed to match the philosophy of “one man – one engine”, which only brings more power to all engines that are produced by AMG.

Knowing under the hood

All AMG Mercedes-Benz models are powered by V-6, V-8 and V-12 engines. The V-8 engine remains the star of their range and is known to be the most fuel-efficient option in the world. Mercedes-AMG announced its electric variant in 2013, which was the first vehicle from AMG to boast of zero emissions. Using tech from Formula 1, it was the fastest electric car when launched.

If you wish to buy an AMG model, you can find many details online. There are many sellers and dealers who offer secondhand and used options for those who want to test these beauties without paying the massive price. You can check online to find more relevant about their incredible GT range.


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