April 30, 2019

Common Road Courtesy That Every Driver Should Practice

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 2 Years ago
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Whether you are a newbie or a veteran driver, it is essential to practice courtesy on the road at all times to prevent accidents and other untoward incidents from happening. Unfortunately, not all drivers are aware of the most common rules that should be observed on the road. If you are about to learn how to drive you might want to consider taking formal lessons at driving schools like Your Driving Academy for you to have a better understanding of the key elements of driving that will help you become a better driver. Meanwhile here are some basic rules and driving tips that are worth sharing.

Do not beat the red light

There is a reason why traffic lights are built in intersections and main roads, and this is to promote peace and order. There are times wherein you are running late for work or an important meeting, and you may be tempted to beat the red light to make it on time. Ignoring the red light might be considered as an ordinary traffic violation; however, this is a dangerous move that can cause a significant vehicular accident on the road.

Avoid blowing your car horn unless necessary

Some drivers tend to blow their car horns in the middle of a traffic jam hoping that the vehicles in front will start moving forward. Unfortunately, blowing your horns will not change the situation, and your co-drivers might find this act rude and disrespectful. Blowing of car horns is acceptable if you are about to warn other drivers and pedestrians of potential danger or a gentle reminder to the vehicle ahead of you to move forward as soon as the lights turn green. Also avoid blowing your car horns around schools, hospitals, churches or mosques unless it is an emergency.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

Even though traffic is heavy, it is still best for you to keep a safe distance from the car that is in front of you. Maintain a range of at least two vehicles away from each other when you are following a small or medium-sized vehicle. Increase your distance when you are behind a large truck or trailer to protect you and your loved ones at all times. Tailgating can cause accidents, and severe injuries in case the vehicle that you are following steps suddenly on the brakes resulting in a full-blown collision.

Use your signal lights appropriately

The signal light indicators are one of the essential parts of every car. Never attempt to drive your vehicle if the signal lights are not working efficiently. It is best to bring your ride to your trusted mechanic for safety purposes. Also make sure to give other drivers a warning by using the appropriate signal lamp in case you need to change directions, decelerate or overtake. Light signals are of significant help to all motorists because it gives you enough time to plan your next move on the road.

It is essential that all drivers should be educated about road courtesy to make driving a pleasurable experience for everyone.

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