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Car Maintenance 101: 7 of the best tips to help your car run smoothly

  • by Callum Ollie
  • 29 Days ago
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When you first plan on buying your car, you make all sorts of efforts for it. You shop for the best auto loan rates and you haggle for the best price, you don’t compromise on any feature. Don’t you think you should, thus, also take care of your car in a way that is befitting the initial efforts you put in for it?

As your car ages, it slowly doesn’t function properly. It, therefore, needs proper maintenance to get back to how it used to be. Some of the following tips may be very basic, but their benefits shall leave you satisfied.

Park the car indoors.

It is common sense to park your car in the garage when not in use. Exposing it to extreme heat and harsh weather conditions as it protects the engine and other important and delicate parts of them from extreme temperature may cause it to malfunction. The place should be in a shady cool place in summer and vice versa in winter. Then, there is less stress on the engine and the car starts easily.

Changing the oil after proper time intervals

Using the correct engine oil recommended by the manufacturers helps your car run smoothly regardless of however old it gets. The oil gets old after some time, so it’s best to change after 3-5 months; however, that depends on the vehicle. The simple act of using the right engine oil can prevent serious problems from happening to your car.

Rotate Your Tires

Sometimes, depending on the type of terrain you drive your car on, the wheels may wear out unevenly which is why along with changing your oil, try to rotate your wheels. It’s mostly your front tires that wear out the most. Along with extending the life of your tires, this reduces the burden on your vehicle’s suspension that comes from unevenly worn tires. Rotating tires may also spot any alignment issues as well.

Changing the air filter

The air filter of your car ensures that no dirt or dust enters your car when you drive it. It then collects those particles on it so it’s best to change the air filter every year to ensure proper ventilation in the car. A clean air filter is important because it ensures gas burns properly and efficiently. Clogged and dirty air filters can lead to lower gas mileage or the engine shutting down.

Lubricating Door Latches

No one likes their car to be squeaky and noisy, so it is best to add oil to the hinges so that the door and hatches are not difficult to open. This prevents them from becoming rusted as well. Use a lithium based grease to lubricate it and it’s not costly as well.

Car washes

Giving your car a good wash is important regularly even in winter as the salt on the roads is very corrosive and can dissolve parts of your car. The high powered water washes remove these deposits from your vehicle and give it a sparkling new look.

Install airbags

It is best to drive your car as safely as possible, but accidents are not entirely unavoidable which is why your car should have an installed airbag and it should be checked regularly to see if it’s working or not. Airbags should be replaced yearly as well.

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